Workflow based presets tailored specifically for wide-angle astrophotography. Includes video tutorials packed with Lightroom tips to get the most out of them. Presets are designed for Lightroom Classic CC but also work with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 (Before subscription model was introduced).

These are not your average one-click presets. These presets are based on my structured workflow for editing astro images and give you the freedom to create and sculpt the final image using a selection of local adjustment tools. Having a structured workflow when editing allows you to develop a repeatable personal style and rids you of any struggles over where to start and what to do next. 


  • First start by adjusting the global tonality of the image. These presets adjust the overall contrast in the image as well as things like clarity and shadow detail.
  • Now it’s time to get rid of the noise and sharpen. Noise is one of the biggest challenges in astrophotography and removing it goes a long way in creating an aesthetically pleasing image. Also built into these presets are my settings for RAW sharpening, fine-tuned specifically for clean astro images.
  • Next up is a colour grade of the entire image. The colours of the image will help create the mood you are going for and separating these adjustments from the tonality presets gives you freedom to create a winning combo.
  • Finally, add the finishing touches and sculpt the image artistically using my local adjustment presets. Darken the sky, make the Milky Way pop, and add a glow to the brightest stars with just some of the tools provided.
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Alyn Wallace – Astro Workflow Lightroom Presets

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