Take a step back in time with Quest 34 Collodion, a black and white preset collection that emulates wet plate collodion tintype photography. Popular during the mid-19th century, tintypes involve coating a metal plate with collodion, sensitizing it with silver nitrate, exposing it to a camera, and developing the image using various chemicals.

The result is the celebrated and distinctive look featuring matte highlights, high contrast, heavy vignetting, and variations in black and white tones ranging from neutral to yellowed and sepia.

Quest 34 Collodion includes 4 unique presets with built-in masks, 2 distinct profiles, as well as tools, and 4 borders that help amplify the tintype aesthetic.

Product Information

Archipelago Quest 34 – Collodion

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    March 2, 2024

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    2 MB

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    Adobe Lightroom CC