Archipelago Lens FX brings you the ultimate toolkit for adding stunning lighting effects to your imagery, all within Lightroom. This set contains over 70 customizable effects divided into multiple categories; Sunspots, Bursts, Blooms, Rays, Flares, and Particles, all with the ability to be layered together.

Each effect can be fully customized for frame placement and intensity allowing you to perfectly tailor every image. Simply apply the preset, move the layer, adjust intensity and you’re done.

(Note: each effect contains multiple variations for both orientation and direction. BE SURE TO USE THE AMOUNT SLIDER IN THE LAYER PANEL FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS!)

Product Information

Archipelago Quest – Lens FX (Limited Edition Presets)

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  • Last Updated

    February 21, 2024

  • File Size

    3.3 MB

  • Compatible With

    Lightroom CC