This series will break down some of my more popular images. I will use behind the scenes video of the shoot, as well a pictures of the location and will break down the entire thought process leading up to, and during the photographic process.

The tutorial will end with showing the image at its SOOC state and the final edit. The straight out of the camera images in this series look VERY close to the final edit.

This means that the magic and the learning aspect happens with learning the methods of the location, the light, and the composition. If you’re a photographer that has found that you’re having a creative block and lacking some inspiration, then this series will be for you!

What’s Included
  • How I got the shot 01.mp4
  • How I Got the Shot 02.mp4
  • How I Got the Shot 03.mp4
  • How I got the shot 04.mp4
  • How I got the shot 05.mp4
  • How I got the shot 06.mp4
  • How I got the shot 07.mp4
  • How I got the shot 08.mp4

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Audrey Woulard – How I Got the Shot Series

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