A comprehensive, beginner-friendly guide covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Tired of piecing together disconnected tutorials or dealing with rambling, confusing instructors? This course is for you! It’s perfectly structured into a series of bite-sized, easy-to-follow videos that cover both theory and practice.

What You’ll Learn

  • Explore the fundamentals of unit testing and its benefits.
  • Master core unit testing techniques and best practices.
  • Craft maintainable, robust, and trustworthy tests that deliver value.
  • Learn to execute and navigate tests effectively in VSCode.
  • Perform positive, negative, and boundary testing for comprehensive coverage.
  • Evaluate code coverage to ensure comprehensive testing.
  • Create parameterized tests for versatile testing scenarios.
  • Isolate code with mocks and learn when to use them.
  • Spy on functions to gain insights into their behavior.
  • Improve code quality using static analysis tools.
  • Utilize Prettier to format your code consistently.
  • Implement ESLint to catch code quality issues early.
  • Prevent type errors in your code using TypeScript.
  • Automate code quality checks using Husky.
Who Is This For?
  • Developers looking to enhance their JavaScript skills through effective unit testing.
  • Software engineers aiming to improve code quality, reliability, and maintainability.
  • JavaScript enthusiasts wanting to dive deeper into testing frameworks and best practices.
  • Anyone looking to boost their career prospects by mastering JavaScript unit testing.

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Code with Mosh – Mastering JavaScript Unit Testing

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