DGX LR preset package including 6 color, 2 black and white looks + tools + mask tools Additionally, the color and SW looks as files for Lightroom mobile!

Do you want to give your photos a professional touch and take them to a new level? My Lightroom preset pack is the answer! With a variety of looks and tools, this pack has everything you need for perfect image editing.

Diverse looks for every occasion:

These presets cover a wide range, such as: B. Film looks, timeless classic, color fidelity and captivating black and white looks. Whether you want to capture the charm of the past or emphasize contemporary elegance, these Lightroom presets have the perfect look for you!

Extensive selection of presets:

With 6 color and 2 black and white looks, this pack offers a wide range of styles. Easily give your images a unique character and a professional touch.

Powerful tools for creative design:

In addition to the high-quality presets, you also receive 16 powerful tools to implement your creative ideas. Fine adjustments for highlights, shadows, contrast, sharpness and grain are available to you to get the best out of your photos.

Mask tools for precise editing:

For the first time, I’m sharing my diverse mask tools with this Lightroom preset package. Bring out individual elements of your images, save the background that is too dark or give it e.g. For example, you can add a soft touch to your model’s skin with just one click.

Why this Lightroom preset pack?
  • Professional looks for every occasion
  • Extensive selection with 6 color and 2 black and white looks
  • 16 powerful tools for creative editing
  • Precise mask tools for simplified work
  • Easy to use and customize according to your ideas

The following images were all taken with a Sony A7iv, Leica Q2/Q3 or Leica M11. Lightroom presets are not a miracle cure, but rather they initially give your images a certain look, which you usually have to adapt to your image with a few (controller) changes (“tweaks”). Source photos with good resolution are a basic requirement for using these presets. Editing should take place in RAW format.

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Dominik Garban – DGX – twentyfour – LR Presets

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    February 19, 2024

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