Finally, a preset that will not go out of style. A photo is so valuable because it captures a moment that is impossible to reproduce. The Open Roads pack does not take away from those once-in-a-lifetime meaningful moments but enhances them through an edit that is comparable to a breath of fresh air — soft, slow, and timeless.

As a seasoned photographer and mom of two, I recognize the importance of crafting images that can stand the test of time. Greg and I spent hours perfecting the Open Roads Pack so you could be one click away from an edit that pulls out the best colors in your photos with just enough grain and grit for a film-like feel. For photos to turn from a savored moment, to a timeless legacy.

Compatible Device

These presets ONLY work with Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.5 or later), Lightroom CC (version 1.3 or later), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 10.5 or later). For earlier versions, you MUST update your editing applications to meet the required specifications. 

Please note that these presets are created for RAW images only and are ONLY Compatible with the software versions above. 

These are Desktop Presets(NOT Mobile Presets).

Product Information

G-Presets – Open Roads Presets by Dawn Photo

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  • Last Updated

    April 21, 2024

  • File Size

    1.4 MB

  • Compatible With

    Lightroom Classic CC

  • Instructor
    Dawn Photo
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