Edit like an Artist is the opposite of this. We teach you editing philosophies so you can discover your own cuts in the edit. Best of all, you can use whatever software you want – Final Cut, Premiere, CapCut, even iMovie– use whatever software you can afford and makes you feel good to edit on. The principles in Edit Like an Artist can be done in any NLE.

Other editing ‘courses’ are software-specific. They force you to download the current trendy software and make you do a click-and-copy tutorial of cuts the tutorialist already made. I’ve always hated this, that’s not what editing is to me.

You don’t need to resort to cheap retention hacking or YouTube Guru tricks. (Those YouTube Gurus don’t know what they’re talking about anyways most of the time because they were never in the trenches)

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • Hayden’s Secret Editing Recipe: In this first level, you’ll learn the building blocks of how to construct a meaningful story – including Hayden’s super secret editing recipe.
  • Timeless Editing Principles: Learn how to write like an editor, and how to translate that into every act, beat, scene, and frame.
  • Learn To Be a Storyteller First: Learn Hayden’s go-to storytelling frameworks and formulas – everything from The Harmon Circle to The Pope in the Pool.
  • Clients: Learn the soft skills of client management and brainstorming with others in the edit.
What software do I need for this class?

You’re in luck! Our course is crafted to deliver valuable content independent of specific software. Whether you prefer industry-standard tools or free alternatives, the focus is on enhancing your skills and understanding the craft.

So, feel free to use the software you’re most comfortable with, as the lessons are tailored to benefit you, no matter the platform.

Product Information

Hayden Hillier-Smith – Edit Like an Artist Masterclass

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  • Last Updated

    April 29, 2024

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    10 GB

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    Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Instructor
    Hayden Hillier-Smith
  • Video Format
    MP4 & TS