Released in November 2023, Film Edition Three represents six months of design and development. A comprehensive set of Film-based premium profiles and presets.

This advanced colour set contains 20 of my most detailed colour presets and 16 detail-accurate base-level profiles.

As well as the time-saving complete set of utilities, Film Edition Three also includes a suite of AI Utilities to significantly speed up your workflow in the latest versions of Lightroom Classic, CC and Cloud.

These presets work with any brand camera.

This new Lightroom preset pack’s content represents a fresh and distinct collection, offering innovative styles and adjustments entirely different from my previous packs.

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I am delighted to introduce you to my new Film Edition 3 set of advanced colour presets, profiles and workflow tools for Lightroom. This set contains 20 of my most detailed monochrome presets and 16 detail-accurate base-level profiles.

Elevate Your Imagery with the Essence of Film – Lightroom Colour Film-Like Presets with Advanced Utilities!

Transform your digital images with my Lightroom Colour Film-Like Presets, designed to echo the authentic feel of classic film stocks and refine your editing workflow with an extensive set of utilities. Bestow upon your photography the depth and spirit of authentic film emulsion whilst employing the prowess of avant-garde AI tools to heighten efficiency and precision.

  • Authentic Film Emulation: Immerse in a collection that vividly brings your photos to life, replicating the genuine textures, colours, and grains of iconic film stocks.
  • AI-Powered Precision: Use advanced AI utilities to intelligently adjust your images intelligently, ensuring the film-like quality is perfectly adapted to each photo.
  • Comprehensive Suite of Utilities: My presets include a full spectrum of editing tools, enabling you to refine details and maintain the integrity of the film stock’s character.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Speed up your editing process with intuitive presets and AI utilities that automate routine tasks, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of photo editing.
  • Uniform Aesthetic: Maintain a consistent and professional look across all your work, with presets engineered for harmonious results across varied subjects and lighting conditions.
  • One-Click Transformation: Download and apply these presets effortlessly, turning your digital shots into works of filmic artistry with a single click while retaining the flexibility for fine-tuning.

Unlike many Lightroom Presets, my toolkit is not simply a set of “slider adjustments”. My Lightroom presets are based on carefully crafted Look-up-Table Profiles that form the bedrock of each preset.

Included in this Colour Lightroom Preset Pack are:

  • 34 Profiles & Presets
  • 29 Utilities
  • 19 AI Utilities (Up-to-date version of Lightroom CC Required)
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Colour Presets:

  • Autumn Film
  • Cinematic Film
  • Ektachrome True Film
  • Elitechrome Contrast
  • Eterna True Film
  • Golden Elite
  • Kodachrome Style Warm
  • Mullins 15 Colour
  • Mullins 15 Colour True Film
  • Portra 400 Style
  • Portra 3200 Style
  • Provia 400 Style
  • Provia 3200 Style
  • Rosa
  • Summer Colour 400
  • Tetrachrome True Film
  • Vision Film
  • Vision Film Contrast

Legend Presets:

  • Mann
  • McCurry

Base Profiles:

  • Aerochrome
  • Autochrome
  • Ektachrome
  • Elitechrome
  • Eterna
  • Film Colour 1
  • Film Colour 2
  • Film Colour 3
  • Film Colour 4
  • Fujichrome Provia
  • Kodachrome
  • Kodak Vision
  • Portra
  • Summer Colour
  • Tetrachrome
  • Velvia

Utility Workflow System:

I am delighted to include an updated Utility suite of tools and introduce a new set of AI Assisted Power Presets.

These standard utilities were first introduced in Film Edition 1, and I have enhanced and updated them for this release.

In addition, if you are using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC, Mobile or Cloud, you can use these incredibly powerful AI Presets, which save you the tedious task of setting up masks in the Develop Panel. Take a look at the Workflow film below to see these in action.


  • Grain Reset
  • Grain 400
  • Grain 3200
  • Density Standard
  • Density Medium
  • Density Strong
  • Density Reset
  • Warm Standard
  • Warm Subtle
  • Vignette Subtle
  • Vignette Reset
  • Faded Film
  • RAW Sharpen Standard
  • RAW Sharpen Refined
  • JPEG Reduce Contrast
  • RAW Sharpen High ISO
  • Film Look
  • Highlights Warm
  • Polaroid Warm
  • Subtle Warm Grain
  • Tone Blue
  • Tone Gold
  • Tone Red

Noise Reduction Utilities:

  • ISO 801-1200
  • ISO 1201-3200
  • ISO 3201-6400
  • ISO 6401-12799
  • ISO 12800+
  • ISO Reset

AI-Powered Utilities:

  • Background Brighton
  • Background Darken
  • Background Desaturate
  • Clothes More Detail
  • Eyes Brighten
  • Eyes Sharpen
  • Moire Reduce
  • Portrait Gritty
  • Skin Soften
  • Subject Brighten
  • Subject Contrast Increase
  • Subject Define Heavy
  • Subject Define Standard
  • Subject Increase Shadows +
  • Subject Increase Shadows Standard
  • Subject Reduce Contrast
  • Subject Reduce Highlights +
  • Subject Reduce Highlights Standard
  • Subject Sharpen

Product Information

Kevin Mullins – Film Edition 3 Colour Lightroom Presets

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    February 21, 2024

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    Adobe Lightroom

  • Minimum Requirements
    Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 or newer