A course to help you learn how to wrangle your stylesheets, keeping them organized and scalable no matter the size of the project or how big your team is.

There is a better way

As CSS continues to grow as a language, things like custom properties and cascade layers are here to help us wrangle our CSS like we never could do before. There are also other tools that have become industry standards such as Sass, PostCSS, and more that can help as well.

And in this course, I want to teach you how you can leverage modern CSS, and some of those other tools to create well-organized, and easy-to-scale projects that actually leave you and your team writing less CSS. This is an advanced course that assumes you are comfortable writing CSS, but struggle with organization and scaling projects.

About Kevin Powell

He started making websites back in the late 90s when he made a homepage for a Star Wars RPG that helped to run. Kevin Powell run into those limitations over on YouTube channel that’s devoted to CSS, which has grown to over 750,000 subscribers, as well as in other courses that he put together in the past.

What’s included
  • Sass Fundamentals
  • Adding logic to our stylesheets
  • Architecture and build processes
  • Design systems and theming
  • Creating deliverable projects

To overcome these limitations, I’ve made Beyond CSS as multi-modal as possible. It mixes both text and video lessons, small interactive code blocks with mini-challenges, and larger challenges and projects for you to complete in your own editor. He really proud of this course, and really look forward to helping you take control of your stylesheets.

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Kevin Powell – Beyond CSS Course

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