Introducing the BRIDGE Framework Designed to Fill the Gap Between SEO and Dev Communication. This is the unique approach that will help you communicate your SEO recommendations so that they are heard and implemented by the dev teams you’re working with.

This framework is backed up by interpersonal and persuasion psychology. The BRIDGE framework will help you build a rapport and show your expertise in the right way so that you are seen, heard and respected as a technical SEO.

It will help you collaborate with developers much more effectively by speaking the same language with them.

What you get:

  • SEO Recommendations Clarity Training
  • Psychology-based Communication Training
  • SEO Recommendations Templates Library
  • The best access conditions
  • 9 Missions to make your a better collaborator
How ‘Get SEO Implemented’ Will Help You to Succeed
  • You will significantly increase the success rate of your SEO recommendations implementation
  • You will learn to write effective dev tickets
  • You will be seen as a valuable resource by your company or clients (so you can charge more)
  • You will get a seat at the table of technical topics discussions
  • You will collaborate with the development team more effectively 
  • You will know how to check if your recommendations are implemented correctly using QA scripts
Meet your Technical SEO coach

Kristina Azarenko — an International speaker, Linkedin Learning instructor, and experienced SEO professional, spent the last 10+ years in the world of SEO.

she wasn’t born with technical SEO these skills and don’t have a web development or coding background. 

she loves technical SEO, and guide you how to master it so you can feel more confident to take on complex projects.  

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