Learn the methods and strategies that Mel has used to become financially liberated and have peace of mind. This session got him called, “The Dave Ramsey for Entrepreneurs”!

Through the Affluence Blueprint,™ you’ll learn the key wealth strategies to create, build and protect your financial liberation. Mel gives the keys to building a perpetual income model so your financial future is always dependent on your constant efforts.

What You Learn:

  • Learn the single most powerful wealth-building tool you have
  • Learn where your single greatest point of failure is when it comes to building wealth (the answer might surprise you)
  • Learn why making a lot of money actually isn’t the answer to building wealth
  • Learn the four stages of The Affluence Journey™ and how to navigate through them
  • Learn the nine Accelerators of an Affluent Entrepreneur™
  • Learn the Five Incomes™ that most people have access to and which three are the ones that will give you financial liberation

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Mel Abraham – The Affluence Blueprint 2.0

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    March 23, 2024

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    Mel Abraham
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