HELIO combines beautiful skin tones, a soft but natural color palette and subtle grain to provide a nostalgic feel to each and every image you export from Lightroom. After years of creating presets, HELIO is the culmination of everything I’ve tried, tested and learned.

Inspired heavily by my journey in shooting, processing and scanning 120 film for the most gorgeous colors and tones, HELIO truly is the key to the cohesive look and feel I’ve been able to create across my portfolio.

HELIO is the first preset pack I’ve created with contextual applications – I’ve finely tuned the preset for a range of image styles including portrait, landscape, cool, warm and images with large dynamic range.

BURLEIGH – clean, beautiful presets that actually work. They give a soft, desaturated look to your images with gorgeous skin tones. It’s taken me many years to refine these presets. Hundreds of preset variations were made – these are the ones that stuck.

They are each named after iconic beaches and coastal locations on the Gold Coast, Australia. They’re perfect for portraits and images of people – but I’ve had huge success in applying these to landscape, travel, product, interior and architectural photographs.

When many other creators focus on the sheer number of presets – I focus on quality.


  • HELIO Lightroom Presets
  • BURLEIGH Lightroom Presets
  • PDF Installation Guide
  • Video Tutorials for each preset, how to use the presets and get the best results on your own images.

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    March 19, 2024

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