This is a WORKSHOP that will give you a truly UNIQUE experience. You will have the feeling that you are photographing this wedding, you will enter its atmosphere and live the experience as if you were the main photographer.

Content Included

  • Intro + Preparing the Groom – I start by showing you how I start each event, how I manage the stress and emotions at the start of each wedding.
  • Preparing the Bride – this is the day she dreamed of as a child, but the pressure and emotions will take their toll. I show you how to bring her into the state of awareness of this wonderful moment and how to make her truly enjoy that unique day.
  • Civil Wedding – it is the first step towards their union and I want it to be lived, immortalized and captured in photos as it deserves. how do i do
  • Religious Wedding – I explain in detail how I place the light in the Church and show you how to diversify the frames during the religious wedding. I know you have a lot of questions related to these aspects, here you will find the answers.
  • The party – it’s crazy here! How I set the lights, how I shoot, where I shoot from, how much I shoot, how I manage the important moments…
  • Editing – see exactly how I edit an event, what steps I take, from selection to the final product.
  • Tips&Tricks – in each of the above chapters, I made additional interventions whenever I felt it was necessary. You find answers to all your questions.

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Ovidiu Lesan-Wedding Master Experience 2020

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