Psychology for Photographers gives you calm and confidence that comes with knowing what you’re doing and putting your business in its rightful role – one part of your life that supports you, feeds your soul, and doesn’t tie you to your laptop at 10pm while your beloved watches TV alone in another room.

Irresistible Website: Velocity Edition

You need a website that draws in your ideal client.  One that speaks so deeply and personally to them that they can’t wait to hit the Book Now button.  One that makes your competition irrelevant, because its clear how you meet their needs in ways no one else can steal.  I can teach you how to do this (in simple, addicting little steps).

Irresistible Words

What if you could draw people in from the first sentence – whether you were writing for your website, blog, or social media?  What if you could write a blog post in 20 minutes or less that people leapt to share?  This class teaches the secrets of natural, persuasive web copy + blog writing that won’t make you feel ‘salesy,’ stuck, or bored.  You’re already doing the work – now let’s make it faster and more effective:

Irresistible You

Hiding yourself from your audience can kill sales. Build a raving audience that adores you for YOU, and – hooray! – they won’t want to go anywhere else to buy what you offer.  This magnetism isn’t a personality type, it’s a method, and you can learn it even if you’re an introvert.  (Maybe especially if you’re an introvert.)  I’ll show you how to talk about yourself online while respecting your boundaries & without feeling braggy:

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