The IPGA Masterclass teaches you everything you need to start, build & grow your own IPGA. Agency structure, client acquisition, and IPGA workflows.

And the Course Creator Masterclass teaches every aspect of building & launching online course businesses.

How to help your clients go from idea, to structured vision, course creation, community management and scaling. Every step. That you study the entire course, and that you follow the processed outlined in there, in the suggested chronological order.

We do not build the business for you – we simply teach you how, give you the required tools, and provide guidance for your particular situation.

The Smartest Path To Building A $10k-$50k Per Month Online Business in 2024. The Birthplace & Leading Teacher of the Revolutionary IPGA Model.

Meet Sander Stage

I’m Sander Stage. At just 22, I’ve carved a path in the online business world that’s both unique and incredibly rewarding. My journey kicked off in high school, where, through my search for something different than the ordinary path, I started realizing the potential of online entrepreneurship.

By 20, I had already built a million-dollar agency, seizing opportunities in the digital landscape before they hit the mainstream. Building on my existing success and experience, I’ve now created and pioneered the IPGA (Info-product Growth Agency) model, a game-changer that merges agency services with the booming field of online education.

Essentially, allowing young entrepreneurs to create more positive impact in the world while profiting massively. IPGA is a golden opportunity for young, ambitious entrepreneurs who are tired of robotic, cookie-cutter online businesses.

How does it work?

As soon as you join you will have full access to all the course material and the global IPGA community on the COET platform, which is the same system you will use for managing your clients’ future courses and communities.

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