Composition is one of the four key elements you must master if you ever want to develop a signature style and create truly compelling images. It includes filling your frame correctly and placing your subject in the exact spot to create the most impact and truly without mastering composition, you will struggle to tell a compelling story with your images.

magine you could…

Walk into any environment and know exactly where to place your subject in order to create the most impact. Tell an impactful story through your images because of the way you composed the shot. Think like a pro and have a tool-kit of techniques you can use for amazing photos.

Photo Composition Masterclass

One of the most powerful elements of any photograph is its composition and in this course, I’ll teach you my most powerful composing techniques.

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Scott Robert Lim – Photo Composition Masterclass

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    February 18, 2024

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    Adobe Photoshop

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    2h 15m
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