The market only trends up about 20% of the time. Short selling unlocks the potential for 3x faster gains on down moves. Being able to trade long and short is a critical skill for traders when the market makes big swings in both directions. Discover the precise strategy that’s allowed Chris to make money on down moves for 40+ years (even in bull markets).

In this course, Chris is revealing how to target precise short trades in up, down, and sideways markets. Get his favorite setups for day trading and swing trading the short side in stocks, ETFs, options, and futures.

This mastery puts Chris Brecher in your corner. It’s designed to help you master all his strategies at your own pace with his ongoing guidance. It’s kind of like giving you a fish while teaching you how to fish. As a member, you get real-time alerts when Chris takes trades with his own money. You get two daily live trading sessions with Chris, plus, members get premium nightly videos three times a week. You also get access to the learning center as well.

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Simpler Trading – The Art of Short Selling

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