Learn the details and concepts of the Longstep Guard Pass from Jiu Jitsu’s most dynamic guard passer. The masterclass includes more than 6+ hours of instruction, analysis, and more from 2x Black Belt World Champion Tainan Dalpra.

The masterclass is broken down and organized into the following sections: Mobility Drills, Fundamentals, Technique, Finishing, Sparring, Fight Analysis, Common Mistakes, and Inside Classes.

Steps You Will Learn

  • SOLO DRILLS: The masterclass begins with a 15-minute session focused on teaching the motion of the Longstep Guard Pass. Throughout the entire series, the 2x World Champion continually refers back to the importance of the movements and motions taught in this section and how they impact your ability to apply the Longstep.
  • FUNDAMENTALS: The second section of the masterclass introduces and breaks down the key concepts that are important for setting up, attacking, and finishing the Longstep Guard Pass. The details explained in this section provide a foundation for the techniques taught in the following sections.
  • TECHNIQUE: The third section features 16 instructional videos for initiations and entries of the Longstep Guard Pass. Throughout the section, Tainan shares important technical and situational details for applying the pass.
  • FINISHING: In this section, Tainan explains 11 unique finishes and transitions to apply after attacking the Longstep Guard Pass. The classes include insight on when and why to apply the techniques based on the situation or the opponent’s reaction.
  • SPARRING: The fifth section of the masterclass is complete with 50+ Longstep Guard Pass sequences from Tainan Dalpra during live training. The sequences showcase the application of the technique during live training and offer examples of different variations, combinations, and reactions from the opponent.
  • INSIDE CLASSES: The final section of the series provides an inside look into academy classes led by Tainan Dalpra. The section features two kid classes (ages 5-7 and ages 8-13) and an adult fundamentals class. It also features live drilling with Tainan Dalpra and other AOJ athletes.

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