Learn the Art of VFX & Motion Graphics for Editors A Step-By-Step Training Course for Filmmakers, Editors and Online Content Creators.

In the Complete Package, you will get both the VFX and Motion Graphics training. That includes every useful thing we could think of when it comes to any scenario an editor could encounter.

In the VFX training package, there are 49 lessons all designed to teach you a skillset that is transferrable to a myriad of situations for film and more.

In the GFX training package, you’ll get another 49 lessons which cover all of the situations that we’ve encountered over the years. Commercial graphics, graphs, charts, maps, and of course the techniques that will spice up any documentary.

What’s in the Course?

After Effects Essentials

  • Basic After Effects training for beginners
  • 68 lessons with 13+ hours of training
  • Downloadable video and image assets to follow along

Visual Effects Training

  • 49 lessons with roughly 14+ hours of training
  • Downloadable footage, VFX shots & plates
  • Learn keying, rotoscoping, object replacement, 3D tracking, green screens, compositing and more

Motion Graphics Training

  • 49 lessons with roughly 14+ hours of training
  • Downloadable footage & image assets
  • Create commercial graphics, brand graphics, animated maps, charts, websites, 2.5D imaging and more
Learn VFX and Graphics with Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is the most widely used and accessible program to create visual effects and motion graphics. It interfaces with other popular Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, and your finished work can be imported into any editing software.

You will need a beginner to intermediate-level knowledge of After Effects: For those brand new to the software, we have an optional After Effects Essentials course to get you familiar and serve as a reference library for any questions while moving through the VFX or Graphics training.

Product Information

The Art of VFX & Graphics for Editors by Filmeditingpro Complete Pack

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    February 21, 2024

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