Learn The Simple “Must-Have” Email Campaigns Every Business Needs — No Matter Your Niche, Market, Or Email Platform — In Just 2 Hours Of Your Time!

These “Core Campaigns” are my favorite & most-used campaigns from my years as (to quote my business partner Ben Settle…) “the world’s #1 email automation specialist”.

During this time I worked with clients like Perry Marshall, Ryan Levesque, and Kevin Rogers… literally “wrote the book” on Infusionsoft… and personally built some of the most sophisticated email funnels known to man — including one funnel so complex, it took a month to build & cost my client $130,000… so yeah, I had plenty of chances to experiment with all kinds of campaigns, in almost every industry, niche, market & business model imaginable.

  • But unlike some of the more… shall we say… ‘elaborate’ funnels I built my clients… 
  • These “Core Campaigns” I’m telling you about today are all…

What is a campaign?

Campaigns are also called autoresponders or email sequences — all the same thing. A campaign is a series of emails that are pre-written and sent out on a “trigger”, automatically. So, in the example I already used, when someone buys something (the trigger), you send out one or more automated emails. That is an example of a simple campaign.

What are the campaigns about?

They cover all sorts of things. Some campaigns are marketing and promotional based, others are fulfillment based, yet others are about engagement and consumption. So for each of these I give very specific advice on how to get the most out of them and keep you focused on the goal of the campaign.

This course costs just $495 but on our website you will find this for free and you can finish it in only two hours.

And it will teach you the complete set of my “Core Campaigns”, these fundamental email campaigns that every business should have.

They work for:

  • Any email platform —  No funnel builder or complicated tech required, you’ll find the necessary automations in basically every email software or CRM 
  • Any experience level — Simple enough for even a beginner to set up, while the advanced psychology behind some of them will enlighten even the most masterful marketers
  • Any business model — They work whether you sell professional services, information, software, or any other business model
  • Any industry or niche — I’ve used them for dozens of my private clients across many industries… as well across my own various businesses

  • For each campaign you get my high level explanation, the psychology behind it, and how to adapt it to your business. 
  • But it’s not just obtuse theory… 
  • I also explain practically how to implement each campaign, including (where relevant) details like:
  • Specific subject lines…

  • The style to use when writing them…
  • Email frequency…
  • Campaign length…
  • And even the exact timing (in minutes, hours or days) between emails where necessary.

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